Monday, March 19, 2012

Traveling to Copan

Monday, November 1, 2010

Having dinner with President and Hermana Chaverrie in their home

Arriving at the mission home after visiting the temple site.
                                                       Waiting for someone to let us in.
                                                   President Chaverrie having a little fun.
                                                 Sharing experiences with Pres. Chaverrie.
                                           Elder Brinton and President share a laugh together.
               Sis. Chaverrie and her daughter fixed a delicious meal: lasagna, salad, fruit and more.
 All sitting around the dinner table together: The Zolmans, the Champlins and the Brintons
         Cute President showing us that his feet can touch the floor if he sits far enough up on the sofa.
                                                         Our family with the Chaverrie's.
                                                 Elder Brinton with President and his wife.
                                                        Sis. Chaverrie and Elder Brinton
                                  View from inside our hotel room of the streets of Tegucigalpa.
                                                                     Another direction

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phelps Halloween Carnival 2009

Rachel and Heidi are all smiles for a fun night.
Kylie, Rachel and Alicia looking so cute!
Heidi going down Uncle Jerry's fun ride.
Here she goes!

Linda braves the ride too.......and so does Becky. Thanks Jerry for such a fun thing to do at our carnival.
Jeff and Liz....this is the first time we thought, hum...they act like they really like each other.
Tyler, Heidi and Brad playing a gameUncle Kelly always has people waiting to play his fun golf game.
Holly and Staci always have such cute smiles.
Stacie getting ready to help Gemma go down the roller coaster.
Kambi's cute game. Love those eyes, Kam
Parker, Staci, Holly and Brecken
Cute King Solomon
The cute Jackson familyEating our yummy dinner of soup and bread bowls
Staci and sumo Ryler

Monday, October 12, 2009

Brinton Halloween Carnival 2009

Andre' lookin pretty cool!
Joshua aka Spiderman, decided to make his own game.
Matt and David competing against each other.
Jennifer's fun cupcake walk. Matt...aren't you a little big for this game??
Cute Abby!
Captain Hook and Cinderella
Andrea gets her face painted by Bethany
Staci and Ryler give us big smiles
Emily and Julie...cute sisters
Mason loved playing the games.
Pretty princess Mia
Cute girls giving us cute smiles
Peace Brother
Loved those curlers Jennifer
Gemma and Julie smiling so cute!
Hallie and Mia playing with their fun toys that Jaylene gave the kids.
Granny and Joan having some fun.
Julie's showing the girls how to play her fun game.
Liz looks so cute, while Kim is making a funny face for the camera
Bethany showing off her cute face designs on Evienne.
Ann is having fun helping these cute girls eat their cupcakes.
Granny and Jean decked out for fun. Granny was an African woman.
Matt running the castle bean bag game.
Abby, Staci and Ryler having fun!